Monday, February 28

Little Vyrn

Free Printable #124
Here's the very last drawing in "The Littles" series. I hope everyone was able to find something useful for their cards and paper projects and has had fun meeting each of these little people.

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Sunday, February 27

Little Todd

Free Printable #123

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Saturday, February 26

Digital Design Index

* Re-mastered and/or Digital Images

Ballerina Bunny
Balloon Bunny
Bumble Bee
Carousel Horse for Christmas
Carousel Horse with Rug
Carousel Horse with Scallops
Carousel Horse with Tassels
Crocodile Baby
Cuddly Cat
Elephant Chick
Ellie and Friends
Fat Cat
Jeffrey and Claude
Mop Hat Cat
Owl Always Love You*
Quilted Chicken
Quilted Cow
Quilted Horse*
Rocking Horse*
Whimsical Bunny

Birthday Banner*
Birthday Bear*
Birthday Stanley*
Cupcake with Candles
Girl with Birthday Cake
Three Cheers

Breast Cancer Awareness
Hope Ribbon*
Floral Bra*

Birdhouse with Addon
Birdhouse with Heart & Bow*
Birdhouse with Vines
Birdie Apartments
Front Door
Stone Cottage

1st Partridge in a Pear Tree
2nd Two Turtle Doves
3rd Three French Hens
4th Four Calling Birds
5th Five Golden Rings
6th Six Geese A-Laying
7th Seven Swans A-Swimming
8th Eight Maids A-Milking
9th Nine Ladies Dancing
10th Ten Lords A-Leaping
11th Eleven Pipers Piping
12th Twelve Drummers Drumming
Bearing Gifts
Berry Branch
Bobbie Snowman*
Cardinal and Holly*
Christmas Bauble 1
Christmas Bauble 2
Christmas Carousel Horse
Christmas Lantern
Christmas Stocking*
Family Reunion*
Frank the Snowman*
Holly Blossoms
Jim the Snowman*
Jolly Gingerbread*
Joyful Gingerbread*
Margie's Christmas Freebie*
Mrs. Claus
Poinsettia 2009
Poinsettia 2012*
Poinsettia Wreath
Quilted Deer
Snowman with Holly
Snowman with Ornament
Stanley's Bauble*

Advice From Dad
Basket of Eggs
The Easter Bunny*
Fabric Bunny
Three Bunnies
Whimsical Bunny

Baby Dragon*
Boy Fairy
Dragon by M.Muir
Flower Fairy
Woodland Fairy*

Blossom Branch
Bucket of Blossoms*
Clematis Beccy
Flannel Flowers
Gumnut Blossoms
Little Spray of Flowers
Mum's Blossoms*
Peonies In A Vase*
Peony Flower*
Ribbon Roses
Sunflowers / Gerberas

Apple Basket
Cherry Branch
Chocolate Strawberries
Cookie Bundle*
Cupcake - Cherry
Cupcake - Cream
Cupcake - Frothy
Cupcake - Plain
Cupcake - Strawberry*
Cupcake - Three Candles
Cupcakes - Three Cheers
Peach Pie
Strawberries In A Basket
Three Strawberries
Triple Scoop Icecream Cone

Little Witch*
Skeleton Girl
Witch with her Familiar
Witch Wreath

Holidays / Anniversaries / Celebrations
Bride and Groom
January 1st
Quilted Heart
Wine Bottle and Wedding Rings

Little People
Little Alice - girl with lollipop
Little Andy - boy with soccer ball
Little Bobby - boy with sun t-shirt
Little Cindy - girl with heart
Little Darla - girl missing teeth
Little Dorothy - woman with books
Little Francine - girl with teddy bear
Little Haley - teen girl with mobile phone
Little Harvey - grandpa with tie
Little Helen - grandma with pearls
Little J.D. - man with beard
Little Kate - woman with hoop earrings
Little Kip - baby learning to walk
Little Liz - girl with flower dress
Little Lucas - teen boy with tools
Little Martha - girl ballerina
Little Mike - farm boy
Little Nick - cowboy
Little Oscar - grumpy boy
Little Patch - boy with butterfly
Little Phill - boy with game controller
Little Rachel - girl with flower
Little Roger - pirate boy
Little Shaun - teen boy headbanger Little Snow
Bunny - baby in snowsuit

Little Susie - teen girl with headphones
Little Todd - teen boy with surfboard
Little Vyrn - boy looking worried

Male Designs
Building Tools
Computer Mouse
Gardening Items
Lamp and Quill*
Old Boots
Pocket Watch and Handkerchief

Nature / Scenery
Berry Branch
Cherry Branch
Cottage Chair
Harvest Set
Le Soleil*
Nell's Cottage
Old Tree
Pine Forest*
Pine Grove
Pine Tree
Pine Trees*
Wishing Well

People / Dolls / Clothing
Drummer Girl
Lady's Shoe*
Lady With Hat
Little Boy
Little Hobo
Miss Verity Rose
Mum's Coat*
Mum's Quilted Coat*
Nell in Swimmers
Nell on a Bicycle
Over The Garden Gate
Piggy Back Bear
Raggedy Angel

First Mate
Jolly Roger
Pirate Captain
Pirate Girl
Treasure Chest

Cottage Chair
Harvest Set

Shapes & Words
For You*
Just a Note*
Thinking of You*

Teddy Bears
Ballerina Bear
Bear and Mouse
Birthday Bear
Birthday Stanley*
Breast Cancer Awareness Bear
Flag Bear
Flower Bear
Little Bear Blue
Miss Mackenzie
Miss Penelope
Miss Virginia
Mr. Thom
Molly Bear
Not Beary Happy
Number One Bear*
Prayer Bear

Berry Wreath*
Foliage Wreath
Gnarled Wreath*
Poinsettia Wreath
Tulip Wreath
Witch Wreath

Little Susie

Free Printable #122
Here's little Susie rockin' away on her iPod. This might be showing my age, but do you remember when we used to carry those great big boom boxes on our shoulders, turned up as high as they would go while we cruised along looking as cool as we could while our ear drums exploded inside our heads? Ah yes, the old good days.

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Friday, February 25

Little Snow Bunny

Free Printable #121
Scroll down for the coloured image.

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Thursday, February 24

Hydrangeas In Bloom

At the beginning of the month I posted a picture of some altered jars I made using these beautiful Prima hydrangea blossoms. I have dipped into the stash yet again to make this jewellery box and mini album and would you believe I still haven't used them all up! One of my goals this year is to make some significant dents in some of the old stash I have squirreled away in my craft room... a bigger task than I would have believed!

Little Shaun

Free Printable #120
I would like to apologise in advance to all the teenage headbangers out there who might get a glimpse of this image. I'm really not sure if these are the hand signals you use when you're banging your heads, but this is how it looks to me. Rock on dudes!

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Wednesday, February 23

Little Roger

Free Printable #119
Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Tuesday, February 22

Little Rachel

Free Printable #118

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Monday, February 21

February Christmas Cards

These are my five Christmas cards for February, the idea being that by the end of the year I will have enough handmade cards to send out to family and friends without the last minute rush. The tree in these cards is one of the drawings I did while on holidays in Oregon / Washington State last year, and which I will share once it's "cleaned up" and ready to go.

Little Phill

Free Printable #117
Computer games are a fairly big component of the entertainment in our house. Having a husband who is in the computer field means that we have lots of different gaming systems and controllers and doo-hickeys and things that beep at you!!! Anyway, I always get great amusement just watching people play... they do the funniest things with their faces.
Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Sunday, February 20

Little Patch

Free Printable #116

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Saturday, February 19

Little Oscar

Free Printable #115
What can I say? We all have days like this...

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Friday, February 18

Little Nick

Free Printable #114

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Thursday, February 17

Little Mike

Free Printable #113
This little guy is for my nephew, Mike, who loves life on a farm and has no fear of large animals like his aunty does! He also knows, and constantly demonstrates, the necessity of a good pair of rubber boots.
Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Wednesday, February 16

Little Martha

Free Printable #112
Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Tuesday, February 15

Little Lucas

Free Printable #111

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Monday, February 14

Little Liz

Free Printable #110
I just had to colour this picture since her little dress reminded me of a homemade number I had when I was about five year's old. It was a very similar colour and I just thought I was the bee's knees in it!

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Sunday, February 13

Little Kip

Free Printable #109
How clearly I remember those first faultering steps taken by my children, long before frogs were being stored in pants pockets and texting was the communication of choice. (You can insert a raised eyebrow and a deep sigh here... and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.)

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Saturday, February 12

Little Kate

Free Printable #108

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Friday, February 11

Little J.D.

Free Printable #107
What a very handsome fellow... if only he would take the trash out a little more often (hint hint).

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Thursday, February 10

Little Helen

Free Printable #106
Both Harvey, from yesterday's post, and Helen are characters named in rememberance of my husband's grandparents. They were wonderful people with a deep love for family and home. We were fortunate enough to stay with them on several occasions in their farmhouse in northern Minnesota - in summer of course! Sadly they have since passed away, but their legacy of love and family is still very strong amongst their children and grandchildren.

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Wednesday, February 9

Little Harvey

Free Printable #105
Dare I say it?? This guy kinda reminds me of my Dad... just don't tell him I said so!

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Tuesday, February 8

Little Haley

Free Printable #104

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Monday, February 7

Little Francine

Free Printable #103
Now I don't know for sure, but I get the distinct impression that behind the sweet facade there may be a diva of epic proportions! She reminds me of the little girl from that old show "Little House on the Prairie" who was horribly spoiled by her mother and was the bane of Laura's existence, I think her name was Nellie. Anyway, good luck colouring her in...

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Sunday, February 6

Little Dorothy

Free Printable #102
School teacher? Librarian? Book club enthusiast?

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Saturday, February 5

Little Darla

Free Printable #101
I chuckle every time I look at this kid! How many times have you seen this expression on the face of a child who has something exciting to tell you about?? I'm picking it's something to do with her teeth... I only wish she could actually tell us what's so exciting.

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Friday, February 4

Little Cindy

Free Printable #100
Little Cindy would look great on a Valentine's Day card dressed all in pink and red! I think she would also be good for Birthday or Thank You cards.

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Thursday, February 3

Little Bobby

Free Printable #99
Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Wednesday, February 2

Little Andy

Free Printable #98

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Tuesday, February 1

Little Alice

Free Printable #97
Every day during the month of February I will be posting a little character for you to colour and use on your cards and paper craft projects. I was working on these little guys while on holidays, and was quite surprised by how many I actually ended up with! I will only be posting them as line drawings since I haven't found the time to colour them all in, but they are really so simple that I'm sure they won't be difficult for you to work with.

Copyright Beccy Muir 2011

Hydrangea Jars

When I was sifting through my stash of craft flowers the other day I came across a container of hydrangeas that I'm pretty sure I purchased at one of the craft shows about four or five years ago. Teamed with these sweet little hexagonal jars, some pretty papers, ribbons and pins they made gorgeous little jewellery pots that would look right at home on grandma's dresser.